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  We are firm believers in the Anatolian breed and highly recommend them as livestock guardians. They are EXCELLENT at their job and take it very seriously. We have been more than impressed with our dogs and couldn't imagine farm life without them. Their charges are their lives and top priority.


  These are not pets and while we love our dogs and give them the best of care, they are not lap dogs. They are not house pets. They are not junk yard guard dogs. They are not "sit, lay, roll over" dogs. What they are are highly perceptive, independent thinking, no-nonsense, fearless animals that live to protect their charges at all costs. We will from time to time have planned litters from these wonderful dogs for sale. They will be sold to approved working homes only. 


  Please do your research before getting this breed. They are unlike any other dog breed and could be very hard to get along with if misunderstood or underestimated. Again, we are huge fans of the breed and don't want to deter anyone, but we would like to give insight to potential owners.


Click on the PDF above for great information regarding Livestock Guardian Dogs - by Dan and Paula Lane -

Rock Creek Ruger -
AKC Registered Anatolian Shepherd


Rock Creek Para -
AKC Registered 
Anatolian Shepherd


Kimber -
Anatolian / Akbash / Pyrenees Cross

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