There are many kind people in the boer goat industry that have helped us tremendously. Most without us even having to ask. As members of the ABGA and OBGA we are blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people with a common goal. This page is dedicated to the Grade A people we have met along the way, people we look up to, people whose bloodlines have impacted our herd and websites that have been helpful to us.

Goat Friends / Breeders

The breeders below are some of the people we have met along our goat journey and are blessed to know. They have either leant an ear, leant a hand or leant a shoulder and are greatly appreciated! 


I have also included breeders who's genetics have contributed to our herd. All of the breeders below are exceptional individuals with exceptional herds. 


Please patronage their websites. You will not be disappointed.


(Please Note: This website list is a constant work in progress and is in no way is a complete list of the breeders whom have either helped us, purchased from us, whose genetics have impacted our herd or a combination of the above.)



Broken S Ranch - Cecil & Sharon Swepston and Family


Good Shepherd Ranch - Alan, Marla and Sarah Brend


Four Ts Boer Goats - JB, Glania and Seth Trimble


Doga Creek Boer Goats - Steve, Pam and Mary Sherrill


Teel Show Goats - Joe, Barbie and Noah Teel


Oklahoma Boer Goat Association Members


Witt's Rio Vista Boers


Windy Acres Boers


Hard Chargin' Boers


Show Me Boers - Wess & Lori Peterson


Huck 'N Doc Boer Goat Farms 


Pair-A-Docs (2Dox) Boer Goats


Able Acres Boer Goats


Urish Ridge Boer Goats





Helpful / Informative Sites

Goat Equipment & Supplies